Spiritual counselling.

A spiritual journey can be very turbulent and quite confusing and may have been entered upon unknowingly and unwillingly. During the mind bending openings that occur during ones spiritual journey it can at times be helpful to talk with someone about the experiences one may be having. Spiritual guidance may be useful to gain understanding, insight, deeper clarity, relief and feedback on what is really going on.

Spiritual counselling can be useful to direct awareness towards what is really happening to the soul, spirit and the energetic transformation that come with Self - Realization, awakening, the kundalini moving and ever furthering depth. To explain what is happening allows for the mind to let go and so allow for continued evolving energetic change and deepening into the mysteries of samadhi and God - Union.

This is not therapy or personal counselling in the traditional sense nor religious studies. We move in the realm of spiritual experiences only.

Transformation towards Oneness is a gradual energetic change and an active alteration of ones energy bodies and systems. Eventually a collapse of ones aura / energy systems / energy being spontaneously occurs where ones energy systems merge into the universal grid. The drop reaches the ocean, literally, and the essence of the All and All fills ones body. Mind / mental body dissolves and awareness becomes a new and totally different thing operating through the spirit, or through the One. With the kundalini awakening consciousness and awareness changes and alters gradually and continuously until awareness rests permanently in Oneness and no where else, with entering into sahaja samadhi.

Private sessions.

Energy work sessions focusing on facilitating the removal of obstacles of all kinds and on all levels that reveal continuously more and more of the Freedom within.

The energy work offered is focusing on clearing all kinds of energy patterns, conscious or subconscious, energy structures that once they are cleared away reveal a clear mind, a free flowing empty awareness, that makes it easier to dwell in samadhi at all times. This energy work focuses on removing patterns and blocks both in the mind and in the energy bodies, that hinder peace and serenity and clarity of perception. It helps to remove obstacles on ones path of awakening and assists with the kundalini rising. Increased clarity create a new and freer experience of the present moment and of that which governs all of creation.