Group offerings.

Private events, currently not open for the public. By individual invitation only. Please contact Harmony and inquire about an invitation.


Darshan and shaktipat is a silent experiencing of an energy transmission that is offered by an Enlightened Being. It acts as a Blessing and a Remover of obstacles, both internal and external. Removing internal obstacles to your own Awakening. It's purification and transformation, being washed clean on the inside. And removing external obstacles to a beautiful life flowing in Grace, life rearranging itself into beautiful harmony. It's a bath for the soul. It is a sharing in the Great Silence and experiencing and receiving the resonance of it into your being and life and receiving the flow of spiritual energies that bless and heal. It can be an experience that is sweet and soft or raw and powerful. Your practice of allowing such spiritual energies to melt away the human conditioning, ego tendencies and worldly construct, and so allow the organic revealing of your own inner Divine Nature, is called Siddha Yoga.

The Darshan experience is:
  • Blessing Force of Divine Mother
  • Resonance of Primordial Essence
  • Flowering of Consciousness
  • Energy transmission of Awakened Awareness

Shaktipat is an energy transference of:
  • Spiritual energies
  • Spiritual power
  • Shakti
  • Grace

These can be experienced as:
  • Bliss
  • Power
  • Light
  • Love
  • Fire
  • Peace
  • Emptiness
  • Primordial space
  • Bathing of the soul
  • Laughter
  • Healing

There is no dialogue during the shaktipat transmission, though Harmony may offer some words in the beginning to assist you to open up more to receive more freely and abundantly. After the hour we take a little time to share and to come back a bit.

This is not meditation, though meditating is fine, it is a receiving of Blessings and Grace.


Satsang with Harmony is not a place of teaching or instruction. Though it is a time of conversation, it is with one singular focus; on Being and deepening the Experience. Not really a whole lot about knowledge other than to illuminate the understanding of the Experience of Being.

It is a place where we come together to dwell in the field of Grace, where the participant may share their experience of their deepening inner transformation. Harmony will offer feedback on what is really going on, supporting the understanding and insight which often opens the transformative shifting further.

It is not a time of story telling of things in the past or the future, but rather a practice of being in the present moment and delving more deeply into the experiencing of the fulfilling Divine Reality within.

Harmony prefers not to speak to your mind, but rather connect in Awareness, which lies beyond the mind. To touch into Beingness, that once it experiences seeing and understanding, propels a massive vibratory transformation and reintegration into the embodiment solely of Divine Reality.

As more and more personality tendencies, vasanas, ego structure, continue to melt away, through the field of Grace, there is a revealing of the original inner Truth. The process of this can be blissful and it can be intense, it can move forward fast and it can be gradual and gentle, it can be primordial and it can be very beautiful.