Darshan & Shaktipat.

Darshan in Sanskrit means
audience or sighting of the Divine.
It is the Presence of the Absolute. It is an immediate
and direct energy transmission of Ultimate Reality, of
Consciousness, of Awakened Awareness in the realm of matter.
It is a radiance of Love, Light and Bliss. It is a blessing force of
power and grace and it may be transmitted either in the presence
of an Enlightened One or from the Enlightened One
through distances of space and time.
It is the living, open field
of abundant Grace.

Enlightenment is not a concept, not knowledge of anything, not awareness of any one thing (as in Advaita). In satsang, anything that can be said only strengthens the mind with yet more thinking, searching, trying to find, questioning and so on. In this sangha we experience a direct energetic transmission of grace and power, that reorganizes the mind, empties the mind and transforms the mind and the whole being on every level and supports merger with the Whole, literal melting into the One, supports kundalini shakti rising, changes in awareness, supports the transforming into the new being of light that we are all now becoming. This sangha is in service to the divinization of the human race that is currently taking place on the planet today.

Darshan is a direct experience of Absolute Reality, both in matter and beyond, by witnessing through the vibratory field of Awakened Awareness. Full kundalini awakening radiates tremendous Light to all around. The transformational power of the vibration of shakti, grace and the blessing force of Divine Mother encourages samadhi - merger into Supreme Reality and dissolution of consciousness into Perfect Oneness.

During the process of experiencing the full alchemical journey of awakening into divine Love and Presence; simply being, from the point of here and now, we allow for the gradual, intense, inner and outer, life changing transformation that occurs through resonance with Absolute Reality. We allow for the Presence that comes through Awakened Awareness to touch us and alter our consciousness and so bring further freedom, ease and perfection into our lives.

This sangha is completely informal. It is a process without structure, where we remain entirely in the moment and where anything may happen. We come together, we meditate, we experience the silence and the fire. Silence and meditation may at times be followed by spiritual dialog. Harmony doesn't teach anything but rather just shares the Presence and Divine Radiance mostly in stillness and silence. Divine Grace is the only real teacher as it reveals by gently removing all obstacles that which remains; truth, love, bliss and ecstasy. Depending on the group dynamic, satsang / darshan is held mostly in silence, sometimes Harmony will invite simple dialog to allow people to share their experiences. The energy transmission of the One into patterns and grids is a powerful experience and acts as a boost of energy that continues to affect change, healing, growth and awakening for some time afterwards. Harmony transmits this higher vibration and power into the grids of creation at all times and comes out to share in the direct experience in satsang / darshan in small private groups. Darshan can be experienced immediately as power, love, bliss, transcendence, emptiness or peace and the grace always brings us to Ultimate Truth.