Satsang is a Sanskrit word
that means a gathering of people
in the exploration of Truth, communing with Truth.
Sat means Truth and sangha means gathering of people.
It most often means being in the presence of an enlightened mind
or an enlightened being who's presence and sharing assist
in ones growing awareness and ones journey
towards full enlightenment.

"The purpose of satsang is not primarily to be found in the transmission of a mental teaching, but in the experience of the presence of an 'awakened' or 'enlightened' being, in which students are meant to come to the same level of inner freedom through the effect of an energetic resonance - phenomenon." (wikipedia)

Satsang is the dwelling in the Presence and the Awareness of Absolute Reality, Truth, the One. Satsang is a coming together and sharing in a group experience the exploration of Divine Self and is a sharing in a field of Love and Grace where shakti may flow and begin to empower an extraordinary awakening. The Truth we seek and find through this gathering is the Reality of Being and the Being of Reality; the Truth and Nature of the Reality of Creation; the Absolute and all its manifestations. We explore the reality of Self, allow space for instant Self - Realization; the deepest recognition of Ultimate Reality. We explore our deep inner, the silencing of the mind, the essence of Being, observe what is and experience an ever growing understanding of spiritual truth unfolding and arising from within, our One true Nature.

Silence and meditation is followed by spiritual dialog where any question or concern may be brought forth for sharing and discussion. During our conversations we may touch upon topics such as the kundalini, Self - Realization, the samadhis, God - union, illumination, ego death, freedom from suffering, Divine Mother consciousness, perfect surrender, no mind, enlightenment and what Love truly is. As spiritual understanding grows and deepens, it can be helpful to share ones experiences and perspectives with another and receive encouragement and insight on the path towards full enlightenment, an ever deepening journey. Ultimately life itself is the one expanded teacher and the continuing dissolution into the Void, the one true blissful encouragement.

This sangha is completely informal. We come together, we meditate, we experience the silence and the fire, we have sharing and dialog. Harmony doesn't teach anything but rather just shares the Presence and Divine Radiance mostly in stillness and silence. People can share their experiences and Harmony may offer some insight into what is going on in the guiding of ones attention through the transformation towards deepening Realization and ultimate and perfect Freedom. As an open channel, a trained spiritual healer, shamanic instrument and fully enlightened, the shakti and power of satsang can be a very powerful and a deeply healing experience as well for those who seek a healing group.

Satsang, through intense Grace, usually invites deep healing of soul, mind and heart and deep transformation of being and mind and deep change in consciousness. The powerful Presence of the Divine, our own true nature, normally manifests as Grace and Divine Mother blessing force. It moves through all things, all areas of our lives and restores all things to perfection. By the Grace and Light shining through satsang, powerful transformations begin to occur that over time finishes all thought, karma, dreaming, will, resistance, struggle, pain and suffering and begins to reveal our innermost, inherent and natural state of light, freedom, bliss, profound well - being, love and prosperity. Otherwise - we play.