The Lotus opens.

At the point of Self - Realization
a shock wave, a tsunami Then the mind has to rearrange itself
maybe much, maybe little Transformation continues
Absorption into the One
Continued dissolution

Every cell is filled with light,
is permeated by the presence of God, the One true being

When all has been let go of
what remains is love
only love and it radiates
It is truth, It is freedom
And joy fills
a deep joy building gradually
so as not to shock not to overwhelm
the system
Only bliss remains and love eternal

There is no place to go, no movement
Nothing left to find
Stillness, Truth
Longing has ceased
I watch, I deliver, God delivers
A slow and beautiful continuum
of events gracefully unfold
No direction, no will, no desire, no musts
Everything unfolds as it should,
without effort, doing or involvement No future, no past, only here and now
endlessly No thoughts, no feelings, only bliss

Gratitude no longer necessary
It all comes anyway
It all happens as it should
There is only one spiritual practice
Let go! Creation takes care of itself